The First Post

I’m new to this, but felt it was time to put the digital pen to the digital paper! I am here to (hopefully) inspire, interest and engage with teachers across the globe through a series of blogs focused purely on education.

Class Monkey FishAs for my identity, my past and my future, that will have to remain a mystery.  There is a lot of prejudice in the world of education that stops the development of teachers. It doesn’t matter if you teach at an Independent or State school, in England, Wales or Congo, if you’re an NQT or Head – you all teach for the same reason, and that reason is to improve our future by improving the future of our next generation. Just think of me as the omniscient and anonymous ‘Monkey Fish’ who has a passionate view on education.

Education is the Future

This brings us on nicely to my first topic – why do you teach? I have spoken to a lot of teachers recently whoseem to have forgotten their reason. It’s not their fault though. With so many ultimatums in the world of education – curriculum changes, OFSTED/Estyn scrutiny, bonkers SLTs and crazy parents, many teachers can be forgiven for forgetting why they teach. That’s why I would like you to stop for a few minutes everyday, remove all thoughts and stresses of the job, and remember that you teach because you want to make a difference, you want to positively change the future of hundreds of young minds.

As soon as this stops becoming your reason for teaching – if you’re in it for the holidays, if you’re counting down to retirement, then I would strongly suggest you shake up your ideas, or leave the profession. You change a life every time you step into that classroom. If you’re stepping into every classroom without the learners best interest at heart, then you’ve just wasted their time, your school’s time, and most importantly your time.

If you feel you’re that teacher that just doesn’t understand why you’re teaching anymore, it is not too late to change your ways. I’ll be looking at top tips to re-invigorate your passion for teaching!

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