The Huge Problem with CPD

There is a huge problem with CPD in schools – not enough time is spent on  it. If you have an INSET at the beginning of your term then it reminds you of the end of your wonderful break, and if you have an INSET at the end of term, all you’re thinking about is wine o clock!

Then we have external CPD – at hotels, host schools and the lark. These pose an even bigger problem and really touch upon the sensitivities of a teacher. First of all, if you work in management, how do you go about telling a teacher to go on a course? Sure you may have the best intention for the teacher but there is no way they are going to see it like that. For all they know, you’ve just gone up to them and told them that they need training because they are not good enough.

Then you have the teachers that want to go onto CPD courses, but can’t because they’ll be worried that they have admitted defeat by suggesting they need extra training. imagine being the only teacher in a school who wants to to onto a training course – do others not need extra training?

The answer is no – every teacher needs more training. The day you stop learning is the day you can forget about teaching anymore. CPD stands for Continuous Professional Development – meaning you don’t need training because you’re not good enough, but that you want to get better at what you do. Look at a footballer for example. They don’t stop training the day that they become a professional – they continue to develop day in and day out.

All teachers need to continue to improve – no teacher is perfect. Even though one might think they are, they are not. I guarantee that every teacher who reads this blog will be able to admit a topic or area of their teaching that they would like to  improve. So the question is, do you care about CPD or do you think it is a waste of time? If you think it is a waste of time then I would love to know why, and how you believe you could develop as a teacher without it?

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